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Football fan girl

3 Jul

Been hearing so much about the football team, Azkals, for the longest time especially the Younghusband siblings Phil (who plays forward) and James (midfielder), even before the team won against Vietnam in the Suzuki Cup last December. 

Between the two siblings I’ve always preferred James (left),  finding him to be the more handsome brother – aren’t those warm eyes and that smile just utterly adorable???  Also, his preference for staying out of the limelight appeals to me, I guess since I’m the type who’d rather stay away from being the center of attention too.    Phil (right) however,  seems to be more into chasing the klieg lights of showbiz.

I’ve seen bit of their games here and there but it was only today that I actually watched an entire match and I was absolutely floored by James’ adroit skill in controlling the ball.  The stamina!  The skill! The passion!!! 

Even if he didn’t land a goal despite a few attempts, his assists were critical in putting some in which led to their winning 4-0 against Sri-Lanka.   Woohooo!!! *cartwheels*   He is sooo good.

Hence, my internet search for James and his pretty face.  So he has a pretty cute girlfriend.  No biggie.  No harm in enjoying the view, ei?

Guapo even if he’s all sweaty.  He cleans up pretty well too…

I will definitely watch the next game.  Can’t wait to  see James in action again.

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