DIY dishes a.k.a. Me, cooking

13 Jun

I love eating out and trying new restos.  But I realized that eating out all the time can be pretty costly when  some of the dishes I love are actually pretty simple to make.

Out of nowhere, I was suddenly hit with the inspiration to cook.  This was around the time the end of the world/Judgement day announcements were getting louder and louder.  I wondered if it was a sign that I should quickly go about this project before the world ended, or if it was instead what would happen to someone who ate what I cooked. 

My choices were limited though as I was only able to work on very simple recipes (you know, stuff even 5th graders could prepare).  Hey, if it was ME preparing it, it was DEFINITELY easy.  Oh, and I didn’t follow any recipes in making any of the dishes below.  Recipe books and I don’t really get along 😉

Here’s the verdict:

Tacos: Win!

finished tacos

here's the good stuff inside

Hey even my parents loved this, so yeah, it was pretty good.  I think that made it my favorite in this batch of experiments.

Coleslaw: Fail

coleslaw - so so

It tasted a bit bland so something was definitely missing from this coleslaw.  Then again, considering I didn’t follow any recipe…

Nasi Goreng fried rice: Fail

nasi goreng with barbeque. hey, they loved it 😉

My friends liked the Nasi Goreng but I didn’t.  Maybe I’m just not a Nasi Goreng girl.

Pho: Win!

almost authentic Pho

I would like to thank Thu, my brother’s Vietnamese girlfriend who visited a few months back, for telling me how to make this.  Of course, this cannot compare to the one made by a real Vietnamese (her), but was ok for a first try.

Hotdog: Win!

easy breezy yummy

Hey, I put in everything I want in a hotdog.  How can it not be a winner???

So my little experiment was a mix of hits and misses.  It’ll get better with practice, and maybe an actual recipe to follow next time, yes?  Let’s see.


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