The Chicken Rice Shop arrives

14 May

I like Hainanese chicken. Really.  So when I read an article about a new chicken rice shop opening nearby, I just had to try it.

Together with two galpals, we sought out The Chicken Rice Shop which opened in Robinson’s Place Manila the day after I read the article.  We arrived around 630pm, just in time for dinner.  There were only a few diners present so we had our choice of seats.  The place is casual, clean and well-lit.

store signs

Btw, I have to apologize this early at the poor quality of the photos since I just used my camera phone.  Photoshop can only do some much to improve an already fuzzy picture.

Naturally, I ordered the Hainanese chicken.  They had a meal for P248 which included rice, soup, vegetables, a personal order of chicken, 2 pcs of Nyonya Pai Tee (fried roll containing chopped veggies and meat) and a drink.  I was happy to find out later they didn’t scrimp on the serving size.  I love veggies so getting a whole plateful, and not just a small side dish which I expected, was a pleasant surprise.  I hope it’s not just because they’re newly-opened. A pretty good deal, I must say.  I finished everything except for the rice only because I’ve been trying to limit my rice intake (that’s as much dieting as I can do) 😉

set meal: nyonya pai tee (foreground), veggies, hainanese chicken, plus rice, soup and drinks

Galpal #1 had the Curry Laksa (sorry, no picture) which had just the right amount of spiciness and was great with rice, even if it was just the sauce.  Galpal #2 meanwhile had the crispy noodles with chicken.  Between the two, I preferred the curry since it was tastier.

crispy noodles with chicken

We asked the waiter was was in some of the food on their menu and he gave the convenient answer that he doesn’t know since all the sauces and marinates already arrive pre-prepared.  Still, I think they should be informed so they can competetently answer customers like us who actually want to know what goes into the food we eat.

It’s been open only around three weeks when we visited and they showed the common difficulty of most newly-opened stores: slow service.  We came in when there were only a few people so our food arrived fairly quickly.  When the place became full later on, we could hear the diners near us complaining why they their food hadn’t arrived yet.  Even we weren’t spared when our bill took some twenty minutes to arrive and maybe another fifteen minutes before they gave us back the credit card slip for signature.  Good thing we weren’t in a hurry to go home or it would’ve totally spoiled an otherwise good dining experience (the long bill only partially spoiled it).

I hope they’ll be able to retain the good quality of their food and serving sizes even when they become more established.  Some stores decrease their serving size or the food doesn’t taste as good as they originally did.  Good luck Chicken Rice Shop, I’ll see you again 🙂


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