Bacci no more

22 Apr

After not seeing each other for almost a year, my Nihongo classmates and I met up for dinner at Bacci, the Italian Restaurant along Paseo de Roxas in Makati. It was 7pm and I was famished! Since my friend recommended the place, I assumed it must be good.

Missy & I were the first to arrive and ordered soup. I wanted onion soup only to be told about two minutes later that out of the six or seven soups on the menu, only three were available, and that didn’t include my onion soup.  So I chose the mushroom soup instead.  The deal was, when my friend, who arrived later, ordered onion soup, it was suddenly available! WTF? When I asked why I was told earlier it wasn’t available, the waiter mumbled something unintelligible. Go figure.

Mushroom so

I was glad to have ordered soup because by the time the main dishes arrived, I was hungry again. Do NOT come here when you are hungry and intend to be served quickly. It also took AGES before the food arrived, and the place was far from being full.  Their complimentary bread (with some forgettable dip) offered little respite since there were about seven of us and only five slices of bread.

complimentary bread with some forgettable dip

chicken with the blank pasta

I ordered some chicken dish served with “pasta blanco”. Yep, turns out pretty blank.  E.g. what’s good about this dish? -blank-

My friend said they frequent this place since it was affordable and the food was decent.  I didn’t bother asking what they usually ordered since I had no plans of returning.

Spent a lot for a dinner I did not particularly enjoy which also left me still feeling hungry.   I think the not-in-stock-but-turns-out-is-available-onion soup and the long serving time spoiled it for me early on that evening.  One thing’s for sure – sayonara Bacci.  I’m not coming back.


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