Quote(s) for the Day – March 8 2011

8 Mar

So I realized I haven’t made an entry for 2011 yet (and it’s already MARCH!!!).  Here are some inspiring quotes from Cozycot’s 100 Inspiring Women:

“…the good parts of life would be the strength to push you on in this harsh and cruel world. ”  – Peggy Heng, Entrepreneur/Blogger

“Don’t waste time being angry. No one can make you angry if you don’t want to be. One day spent angry, is one day you have chosen to waste. And you don’t know exactly how many hours or days you have left.” –  Janice Poh, Project Manager, Let There Be Light

I want to inspire women to step out and break out of the moulds they may be in and never let anyone pigeonhole them. I would like to encourage women out there to ‘dare to be different’ and take the path less travelled. No risks, no rewards.” – Estee Teo, Sales & Marketing Manager

I love what I do and I strongly believe that one should. I go to work to play.”  -Andrea Claire, Celebrity Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

“Real experiences of successes and failures while dealing with fear, anxiety and insecurity may occur at any point of our lives, but as long as there is a dream, a staunch belief, keep going and be willing to trial and error. Impossible is nothing.” – Ho Qing Yan Melissa Jane, Entrepreneur


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