So I’m trying to start a gratitude journal…

16 Oct

Last month, a recent acquaintance, Debbie, told me she was able to get over her depression by starting a gratitude journal and meditating.  I’m not sure about meditating since I heard it’s not as easy as people think.  So I told her I’d probably give the gratitude journal a try.

I first heard this from Oprah years back and she even said she found out that most of the things she found herself grateful for was for the FOOD she’d eat 😀 (I agree!!!).   I can’t remember now if I got the ‘list at least five things you’re grateful for, for each day’ from Oprah or from Debbie…

Anyway, I initially intended to keep a gratitude journal for a month and see if it’s something I can actually stick to.  I also wanted to post it daily on this blog but wasn’t able to access the internet daily so I wrote it on my phone instead.  Thank God for mobile phones with Word application.   Hey, another thing to add to my gratitude journal!

And just to bore you push myself to complete what I started, I am posting my gratitude journal for the first 15 days of October:

Oct 15 Friday
Today, I thank God for…
1. a funny blog I just discovered:
2. having plans for the weekend
3. receiving confirmation for our flights and cash advance. Our trip’s a go!!!
4. Ma’s roast chicken for lunch
5. being picked up right at my bldg and not having to walk all the way to the parking lot. (Thanks Kaye!)

Oct 14 Thursday

Today, I thank God for…
1. Toxic Glee version on early morning radio. Yeah!
2. Delamar’s bday
3. light traffic on the way to work. Great start to a long day.
4. all Chile miners being rescued
5. a free massage

Oct 13 Wednesday
1. Sunshine!
2. Finally finishing my monitoring report
3. Easy morning ride
4. getting help fr Operations
5. Getting quick feedback on hotel inquiries
6. Finding out a J-pop song title & artist I’ve been loving. Okaeri by Ayaka.


I will see you next month...


Oct 12 Tuesday
Today, I thank God for…
1. finally sending out a working itinerary for our Vietnam-Cambodia trip. Yey!
2. siopao
3. peace and quiet in my solo-but-too-big-for-me ofc
4. Anytime by Yuna Ito
5. working at my own, unhurried pace

Oct 11 Monday
Today, I thank God for…
1. attending a mtg in my boss’s behalf and marveling at the intelligence of two company presidents
2. one big shawarma
3. catching up with Thryza
4. being told my service was borderline ecstatic. Alright!
5. quick nap upon getting home

Oct 10 Sunday
Today, I thank God for…
1. laaaaazy sunday. Recharge!!!
2. leftover of sepie’s pokipoki
3. good movies: Freaky friday (I never tire of watching this. Chad Michael Murray was such a cutie) and Up
4. healthy healthy dinner: a huge salad
5. early morning kulitan on FB
6. pinning cities I’ve been to on Tripadvisor. More to come! 🙂


love those eyes...


Oct 9 Saturday
Today, I thank God for…
1. ice cream and choco crinkles – ever a great combination
2. good movie: Facing the giants
3. a dinner and movie feast with good friends
4. meaningful sharing
5. having a good laugh

Oct 8 Friday
Today, I thank God for…
1. finally trying out Big Better Burgers Shitake Teriyaki Burger WINNER!!!and treating my driver
2. an attentive audience
3. seeing someone with smart, beautiful, brown eyes and a great smile
4. finishing earlier than expected
5. No Friday meeting


I finally got to play this


Oct 7 Thursday
Today, I thank God for…
1. Daryl and Gerard who made the graveyard shift more bearable
2. finally Playing plants vs Zombies…and being given a copy
3. having a jacket for the freezer, I mean, that cold, cold room
4. my driver Ernie
5. treating Jhoany before she leaves the company
6. Dad taking my car out of the garage. Awww.

Oct 6 Wednesday
Today, I thank God for…
1. being productive
2. a chatty cab driver who I learned a lot from in a span of 30 minutes
3. girl friends
4. being single and not having a psycho boyfriend who would behead me
5. finally conducting training for a new prod

Oct 5 Tuesday
Spent the day on sick leave so I didn’t think there was much to be thankful dor. Still, today I thank God for…
1. giving me a best friend who is celebrating her bday today
2. just feeling dizzy and nauseous. Hey, it could’ve been worse.
3. home made pizza and salad
4. enjoying a good laugh with ma
5. knowing my mom cares so, so much about my health
6. a dinner invite fr a friend (which I had to turn down though. am sick)

Oct 4 Monday
Today I thank God for…
1. a good nap on the way to work
2. productive meetings
3. mcdonald’s
4. catching up with a good friend on the way home
5. having a (more or less) final sked for my biz trips. (Can we finally set our flights???)
6. being recognized by an old MBA  classmate (SJ)
7. the fact that my parents are still (relatively) healthy

Oct 3 Sunday
Today, I thank God for…
1. waking up at noon and not leaving my room till 2pm
2. John Tucker Must Die on cable (not much on depth but hey, i found it entertaining…)
3. spicy Spanish sardines for dinner
4. entertaining ma with Xyrene’s charming video
5. finally starting my research for my November trip


So ours didn't look like this, but it was great still


Oct 2 Saturday
Today, I thank God for…
1. fast Internet access which allowed me to post pics on FB and Multiply
2. having friends to invite to watch a play in 3 weeks.
3. pizza and banana split (wattacombination!!!) with the Amansecs and Eilleen
4. Sisblog101, the new team blog is up! And my essay’s there! 🙂
5. hanging out with childhood friends and their cutie kids.

Oct 1 Friday
Today, I thank God for…
1. being skilled and smart enough to accomplish a lot at work.
2. the yummy spinach & mushroom pizza and ziti @ Sbarro’s
3. the free ride with Kaye and her mom
4. easily getting a ride this morning
5. telling Kaye about my ‘Angel’s breath’ moment in high school and laughing till we cried.


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