Some things never change

9 Aug

Getting together with four Aikido guy friends over the weekend made me again aware of some things I hadn’t really thought of since college:   

1.  I am oftentimes the only girl. 

During Sunday’s dinner, there were five of us, and I was the only girl.  It was the same as back in college, I would usually be the only girl when we go out.  See, the composition of the aikido club then was probably 75% male.   Since I went out more than some of the girls, I oftentimes ended up being the only rose.

2.  Guys are so comfortable discussing ‘green’ topics (and no, it’s not the environment).

I (still) got lost when what started out as an innocent topic suddenly had some sexual innuendo.  I usually don’t mind since none of these are directed at me anyway.  It was guys being their usual selves.  I’m not gonna spoil their party.

3.  The feeling of safety being among guys.

I’ve learned to regard these guys as my brothers/bodyguards who would be willing to defend me in any case.   Some of them may look pretty tough, but they’re really a bunch of teddy bears (oops, secret’s out!)  When I’m around four or five physically capable men who I fully trust and know are after my well-being, I can’t help but feel like a princess sometimes.  Who needs a boyfriend when you feel cared for by these guys?   Then again, the princess-like feeling can only last so long – like until they discuss matters I can’t contribute  much to (see #2 above).

4.  I’m just one of the guys.

It still is now how it was then.  Whether it’s green jokes, eating as much, or discussing practically any topic of interest, I can (usually) give and take as well as most of them.  Though there’s the awareness on their part that there’s someone around whose girly top, heels and makeup make her undeniably female and feminine, the fact that that female is me makes that fact moot.  I am and will always be  just one of the guys.  Uh, just don’t expect me to lug around anything heavy 😉


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