O genki desu ka?

7 Aug

Last night, I received a text message from an unknown number saying: Dally-san, o genki desu ka? Kotegaeshi. Shihonage. Sankyou.  (Dally, how are you? (the rest are Aikido techniques.  Apart from the greeting, it didn’t make sense, really).

The sender is obviously someone I knew from college when I took up aikido.  Thing is, I wasn’t sure who.  In that group, one or two students studied Japanese, while two of our instructors moved to Japan. I also wasn’t sure if it was indeed someone who knew Japanese since o genki desu ka is a very common greeting a lot of foreigners know.

Just to see if it was someone who really knew Japanese, I replied: Sumimasen. Dare desu ka? (I’m sorry, who’s this?)  I received a long reply  in Japanese.  Ok, so he definitely knows his stuff.   After more exchanges,  I find out who it was – our instructors who moved to Japan were currently in town!  I gave them a call and eventually made plans to meet up on Saturday for dinner, together with whoever else was available.

I sooo love it when I’m able to get in touch with long lost friends, especially from two people who really made my college life fun.  I’ve been pondering about doing a physical activity regularly and I’ve actually considered going back to aikido (or swimming, badminton and running) and this might be a chance to try it out again.  I was also glad to practice my rusting Japanese even for a little bit with our exchanges.  Looking forward to catching up soon.


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