Caught in a bad romance

29 Jul

Someone asked me earlier why I’m still single.  Hmm, let me see.  I guess I’m one of the few many who never had much luck in the love department.  If my lovelife were a song, it would most likely be “Bad Romance”. 

I’ve had (more than) my fair share of losers, liars and badasses.  I’ve dated guys I wish, in hindsight, I didn’t.  But hey, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you a stronger person, right? Rrrrright.  But none of my bad dates really scarred me for life (well, one actually SCARED me).  Some were  just plain…unfortunate 🙂

Back in college, I went out with G.  He was the rugged, bad boy type who was always a lot of fun to be with – at least when there were other people around.  I didn’t think I was his type so I had absolutely no idea why he asked me out.   I have to admit I was actually pretty excited about it.  The thought that maybe someone DOES come along when you least expect it, crossed my mind that time.

So the date. Shortly after ordering, he launched into the sob (and eventually very annoying) story of his breakup with his last girlfriend. Duh.  Didn’t he know exes are a taboo topic especially on a first date???  He didn’t need a date.  He needed a counselor.

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There was also my first blind date several years ago with when our mutual friend suddenly found it his life’s mission to match his single friends. 
A & I initially chatted online and spoke once on the phone before our date.  Now, I can’t remember much about that date, but I vaguely recall trying to lean away from him often since he kept on leaning far too close for comfort (feeling close much?) 

Thing was, since he knew my YM, he would chat with me everytime I went online (he seemed to be on it 24/7, btw).  It was because of him I learned how to make myself ‘invisible’ in YM.  We eventually stopped chatting – after all, I was never online, right?  😉

There was also J, a former officemate.  I had night school that time and he offered to accompany me to school.  I told him repeatedly there was no need to but still kept on insisting until I finally said, fine.   After all, there was the security of being with someone especially when you’ll be commuting.

We both didn’t have cars then and I said we can take an FX.  He said we should just take a cab since it was hard to get a ride otherwise.  I wasn’t keen on taking a cab since it could cost 5x as much and I was trying to save up for something then.  But hey, he insisted, so he’ll probably pay full or part…right?

So he gets us a cab.  When we were near school, he tells me he doesn’t have any money since he wasn’t able to withdraw before we left.  Excuse me??? You insist on accompanying me and taking a cab and don’t have money to pay for it???  Unbelievable!  I had no choice but to pay the fare.

So I go to class, think he will eventually withdraw money (to go home) and leave.  Suddenly, he texts in the middle of class to tell me he went someplace nearby to eat (I suppose he was able to withdraw money by then). 

Still, he met up with me after class just to say bye.  No, he didn’t even offer to pay me back for the cab nor ask if I was hungry and wanted to have dinner.   Then again, me paying for our dinner too is not a remote possibility. 

And finally, the most of unforgettable of all was E.  Met him through an acquaintance and initially struck me as the friendly sort.  A bit creepy but generally non-threatening, I supposed.  I went out with him once but  didn’t find myself particularly charmed.   He was nice and all, but we didn’t seem to have much in common. 

I will never forget the time I literally RAN AWAY from him.   We had another  another boring date (his birthday just passed and I didn’t have the heart to say no).  After we’ve said our goodbyes, he continued to follow, no – STALK me!  I felt him trailing me and saw him in the corner of my eye yet he wouldn’t come close enough to talk.  So, I wove in and out of crowds, hid behind walls and shop stalls trying to lose him.  I thought I did…until I heard hurried footsteps behind me and a tap on my shoulder.  It was HIM! Aaaargh!!! He said he didn’t want to separate yet.  WTF?!  He was thicker than a wall.

Still, he proved that if there’s a will, there IS a way (to follow me).  Scared the sh*t out of me too!  I eventually avoided all possible contact with him.  Yes, I too have the will and eventually found a way (to lose him). 

 These are just some that stand out.  Trust me, there have been worse, more heartbreaking incidents.  The types that scar you for life.   But I’d rather keep the drama out of this post.   The next time someone asks me why I’m still single, I’d probably direct them to this blog.


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