Food tripping

20 Jul

I told myself I’d post these as soon as I got home from these restaurants. Guess again.  But I feel these restos are worth featuring since they have good food and great value for money, hence this post.


2nd Level Greenbelt 3

Gising gising - an all-time favorite

Chopped string beans with ground pork with coconut milk and some chili.  The coconut milk contrasts well with the green chili.  I had this the last time I went to Recipe’s last year. Glad to know the taste and serving size did not seem to change. My mom & I weren’t even able to finish this so we took the rest home.

Garlic chicken

Chicken fillet in garlic sauce. Yum 🙂

Chicken bbq

This was definitely grilled over charcoal since I could still taste the smoky flavor. And since my mom & I love veggies, we finished the side dish quickly too.

I didn’t know how big the servings were when I ordered, and turned out it was actually good to share. The two chicken dishes already came with rice and drinks and were priced at only around P170. The gising gising cost P160. Fantastic value for money!


Las Paellas
Festival Mall

Tomato soup

I’ve always wanted to try their paella but my mom said she doesn’t like it. Thing was, their paella was good for four – too much for just me only. O well, I’ll try something else.

It was raining so I wanted some soup. It was nothing to rave nor rant about. I finished it all, still 🙂

Lapu-lapu Romana

Fish and mushrooms in tomato sauce.

Chicken Schnitzel

My mom ordered this made me try.  I liked it more than my own order.  The creamy sauce worked well with the chicken.

The prices were also very reasonable. Around less than P250 for each meal.


Il Gallo Nero

Now this is the hands down, runaway winner in this batch of restos. Il Gallo Nero (translation: The Black Rooster) is located in the 1/F of Alfonso Hotel in Tagaytay and owned by Pipo Fernandez. I read somewhere that the resto has an Italian chef, hence the great, authentic dishes.

We met Pipo himself as well as his Japanese wife and their little angel Anna. When he found out we spoke Japanese, he gladly put in a mix CD of Japanese songs. After a while Utada Hikaru’s voice floated around the resto.

According to Pipo, the veggies they use are grown in their own farm also in Tagaytay. The meats are imported from the US while the cheese and other ingredients are imported from Italy, so that their dishes will turn out authentic. I must say, the food was amazing!!! Some of the noteworthy personalities that have already visited this place included veteran composer/musician Ryan Cayabyab and tv host/writer Julie Yap Daza.

Tomato soup

I read in Julie Yap Daza’s article she tried and liked the tomato soup. So I figured I’d try it too. It was good. Plus Pipo offered some focaccia bread to go with it. My friend Krisha meanwhile tried the mushroom soup. Contrary to the usual mushroom soup which would normally include a few slices of button mushrooms, Il Gallo Nero’s mushroom soup was swimming with lots of chopped mushrooms and tasted really home made. I told myself I’ll definitely try it next time.

Pizza Margherita

Their pizzas were thin crust, 18 inches in diameter. Our group of 6 just ordered one. Together with the pasta dishes we ordered, one was enough.

Penne with squid

June & I shared the penne with squid which had a generous loading of capers, sun dried tomatoes and of course, squid. The others ordered two more pasta dishes which were also good for two. Krisha had pasta with gorgonzolla cheese which she made us try. I loved it too (ok, so I loved everything we ate there).

I saw a couple order salad and thought it looked really good as well. It seems I have my orders set for my next visit. There were six of us (three guys and three girls) and we ordered three pasta dishes, one pizza, two soups and six drinks which made us so full, we weren’t able to finish some of our pasta. Total bill: P2,100 which averages 350 per head. Great value considering the food was excellent, plus I love Tagaytay – it’s my second home.

Apart from the items on their menu, they also have daily specials written on a blackboard. The resto is open from 10am until 10pm (I think). You can reach them at +639156413013 for inquiries and reservations. Enjoy! 🙂


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