Anti-social Me

14 Jun

These days, I’d rather stay home and clean my room or watch tv or surf rather than go out.  I am definitely aging.  I’ve had ideas in mind I could blog about but my fingers rarely cooperate.  I also don’t feel like talking much to people, personally or virtually.  I only check Facebook once in a while and would just scan it, not leaving any comments unlike before where comments and ‘like’-ing are common.  Feeling anti-social lately.

These past few weeks I rarely feel like going out.  In fact, there are times I’d think of resigning and just stay home. Then I realize how dangerous that is.  I think if I do resign and just stay indoors, I might not leave the house to look for another job ever.  Well, my mom could always kick me out thereby ending my self-exile.

What brought the feeling on?  Dunno. Maybe the fact that I don’t feel I’m growing in any aspect in my life.  I’ve reached a dead end, and these days I often wonder “Why bother?”  Things just seem so blaaaah.  Colorless.  Unexciting. 

Okay, so I lead an extremely boring existence.  A friend recently aired: life in a vacuum sucks.   I guess I’m not alone with my sentiments.

It was a long weekend and apart from going to the mall to buy new curtains, I didn’t go anywhere the entire three days.  My brother & I spent a good part of the weekend cleaning house since we changed rooms and all.  While he went all over the place, I simply focused on my room and tried to make my new blue room cheerful. 

Unsuccessful there.  I’m seriously thinking  of re-painting it yellow.  All the blue isn’t helping.  In fact, I think it’s just making me feel, well, more blue.  There’s the rub.


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