Wait for Me

16 May

The other day, I once again heard Rebecca St. James’ song Wait for Me. The first time I heard this song was sometime in 2006 when Sepie gave me a CD by St. James containing this song, and a book of the same title. I fell in love with the song’s message of waiting and praying for that one person, who the singer hopes to meet someday.

Listening to it, one can’t help but feel hopeful and excited for the time when you do meet/ recognize that one person meant for you. I’ve had my fair share of admirers and I have to admit that I’ve met some pretty awesome guys in the past. Thing was, I was emotionally immature then and did not want to commit no matter how many people told me I already had a great thing right in front of me. Stubborn was my middle name (and to a certain degree, still is).

 Nowadays, there is greater pressure especially from family members, to find someone and marry. “There’s no old maid in our family!” (yeah well, there’s always a first). Thankfully, they haven’t pestered me mercilessly about it. I know they mean well, but falling in love is something you just cannot force no matter how much you want to.  Well, you can actually, but sometimes the results are disastrous.

 I believe falling in love happens involuntarily, which could be either be immediate or happen over a long period of time. However, it’s committing to someone that is a voluntary, conscious decision well within one’s control. You can choose NOT to commit to someone you do love and you can also choose to commit to someone you DO NOT LOVE at all for your own reasons, unfortunate though that may sound.

 I can sincerely say I am happy being single and my life is a testament to how good the single life can be. I’d sometimes tell myself sometimes that it’s better to be single than to wish you were.  (Off-topic: Btw, there’s no harm in investing in a good retirement plan this early).  However, there is still that thought of finding someone to be with forever – happily. (I’m still gonna need a good retirement plan, regardless).  If that person doesn’t come, I’m still fortunate to have a large pool of friends who are able to say yes to an invitation for dinner, a trip, or just some good conversation at the drop of a hat.

One of the close circle of friends I regularly get together with consists of about seven people. And I was surprised to realize one day that ALL of us were single.  We were taking Singles for Christ (the organization where I met most of them) way too literally 🙂  Plus I have several friends from high school, college, and work who are still unattached. I mean, these are smart, interesting, funny, God-fearing, beautiful men and women that I’m talking about (I’m not being biased) and it baffles me why no one has been lucky enough to nab them. I’m not saying we can’t be happy the way we are, because we are. I just think some people out there would be VERY fortunate if they ended up with any of these fantastic people I know (to my friends in happy, fulfilling relationships, I hope your respective partners don’t let go of the great thing that they have). 

I could simply be rationalizing, or maybe I’m enlightened, when I say that maybe God just wants us to believe what Rebecca St. James is saying:  Wait. And live life as beautifully as you can, while you’re at it.

Darling, did you know that I
I dream about you
Waiting for the look in your eyes
When we meet for the first time

 And darling, did you know that I
I pray about you
Praying that you will hold on
And keep your loving eyes only for me

‘Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling
Wait for me too
Wait for me as I wait for you
‘Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling
Wait for me too
Wait for me as I wait for you
Darling wait
Darling did you know
I dream about life together
Knowing it will be forever
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
And darling when I say
“Til death do us part”
I mean it with all of my heart
Now and always faithful to you
Now I know you may have made mistakes
But there’s forgiveness, and a second chance
So wait for me, darling wait for me
Wait for me
Darling wait for me

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