Racks: good ribs, great service

2 May

A bunch of us went to Town Center for the Iron Man 2 screening but the cinemas were already full and the only available screening time was 11:45pm. Since it was just 7pm, we had no intention of waiting for five hours. So off we went to Festival Mall and were happy to find out it’s not as full. We got tickets for a 9:30pm show. For the pre-movie dinner, we ended up in Racks, which claims to have the “best ribs in town”.

Now, Racks has been around for a pretty long time though they somehow disappeared for a while.  I think their number of branches reduced significantly.  It was a pleasant surprise to see one in Festival. 
Four out of five of us had the combo set where you had your choice of ribs plus rice and a side dish. Lito just had the clam chowder since he couldn’t eat anything fatty or oily thanks to his acid reflux (dreadful condition, if you ask me).
Our attendant, Alvin, was very professional and the food arrived promptly.  Now, I’m not really big on beef.  In fact, I try to avoid it when I can – but you can’t really go to a ribs place and not eat the best seller right?  I had the a quarter order of Beef Ribs (I later wish there was a one eighth order. it was too much beef than what I’m used to); Trina had the pork steak; Seph and Ryan had the premium boneless.    

Racks Beef Ribs (Quarter). P270.

Racks Premium Boneless. P240

My beef was incredibly tender and juicy.  A slight touch of the fork and the meat comes apart.  It was good even without Racks’ barbeque sauce. The rice could be better though – drier than what I’m normally used to at home 🙂  

Side dish of my choice: creamed spinach

The side dish I chose was creamed spinach.  It was just a little salty for me.  Other side dish choices include corn, corn & carrot. I forgot the others (don’t worry you have a lot to choose from).   

refreshing dalandan juice!

I enjoyed the dalandan juice which had just the right blend of sweet and sour.  Great on a warm summer night.

Onion Brick. P150.

The onion brick we ordered to share was pretty good since they were thinly battered and you could still taste the onions. Other restos batter their onion rings far too thickly, I couldn’t locate the onion. One improvement Racks could do though would be to slice their onions just a liiitle bit thicker since we found them too thin. 

Clam chowder with bread

Lito’s clam chowder which came with bread was pretty good but he didn’t like the fact that he said he only saw two clams.  Alvin, our attendant, said it was because some of the clams were chopped and were not too noticeable.  We were okay to let it go. However, after a few minutes, we were surprised when another order of clam chowder arrived.  Alvin apologized that Lito was disappointed with the original clam chowder so they gave him another one – for free!  I can’t even remember if I’ve had such an experience in any restaurant in the past.    

It was a bit warm inside the restaurant when we got in though.  Or maybe it was just because we came from the humidity outside the mall.     

The best thing about the restaurant was not the food but the SERVICE.  The food was reasonably priced and pretty good.  I paid around P400 which covered quarter ribs, rice and creamed spinach, dalandan juice and onion rings.  Not bad. But if you mention Racks to us again, we would always remember Alvin and how he made our dining experience a very good one.  

Oh, and Iron Man 2 ROCKS! 🙂


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